Hi, I'm Sujay,

a Computer Engineering student at NUS

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  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python

Hardware Description

  • Verilog

Web Development

  • CSS
  • HTML


  • Web

    MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js (MERN) stack developer. Also worked with Bootstrap, Materialize and REST APIs.

    Basic Todo Planner
  • Android

    Familiar with development using Android Studio, as well as prototype building using Firebase Authentication/Firestore/Cloud Functions.

  • Arduino / Raspberry Pi

    Experienced with bare-metal programming, sensor interfacing, analog-digital conversion, internet protocols (TCP/IP, TLS) as well as inter-device communication protocols (USART).

  • FPGA

    Built digital circuits such as a voice-scope visualizer using combinational and sequential logic blocks.

  • Linux

    Comfortable with Ubuntu, CLI and Bash scripts.